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Chemical Coatings

ABI manufactures and supplies next generation coatings and chemicals used in the production of large aerospace parts, industrial components, and products designed for treatment by the chemical milling process, as well as transportation, protection, and storage applications.



ABI is the authorized distributor for the SungoldĀ® Abrasives supporting various manufacturing industries with same day deliveries and onsite customer support. With ABI's focus on superior customer service combined with Sungold'sĀ® unending dedication to quality and consistency for over 30 years, you can't go wrong.



ABI manufactures and supplies complete OEM-Approved Composite Repair Kits to Airlines and MRO facilities for use on damaged aircraft secondary composite structures, such as nacelles, gear-doors, ailerons, flap assemblies, etc. The OEM-Approved kits are custom sized for the required repairs, and can range in size from a few square inches up to major repairs of 30 sq. ft. The kits include all required components to complete the approved permanent repairs (including heat-blankets if needed).