ABI Services

Our Services

  • Aircraft transactions
    • Acquisitions, sales, leasing, and valuations
    • Rotor-wing and Fixed-wing Asset Management & Auditing
    • Inspections
    • MX Partners and Tech Services
    • Appraisals by ISTAT and NBAA certified appraisers
    • Legal consultation
  • Domestic and global logistics solutions

  • Aircraft maintenance
    • Heavy maintenance
    • AOG support
    • Technical onsite representation
    • EPA compliance evaluations, safety audits and training
    • Pre/Post purchase inspections, due-diligence, evaluations
    • Airframe/component corrosion inspections
  • Repair of electrical/automated machine components


Aircraft Sales

ABI interacts directly with OEMs, leasing companies, airlines and private aircraft owners. ABI offers customers a turn-key service when looking to purchase or lease an aircraft.


Aircraft Inspections

The ABI pre/post purchase inspection report includes details of aircraft condition, inspection status, corrosion / aging aircraft program, equipment status along with supporting photos of the aircraft.


Aircraft Tech Services

ABI provides your company with a comprehensive in-depth compliance inspection comparable with those conducted by the FAA. A written confidential report of recommendations found as a result of our audit is provided to you for the appropriate corrective actions instead of repercussions for non-compliance.


Part 133 Asset Management

ABI provides world-wide services for Rotor Wing (Part 133) Asset Management. Services include:
• Tailored “Charter Operations Specifications” for contracted Aviation Service Providers (A/SP’s) Part 133 Operators, and on behalf of the Oil & Gas Corporation operating worldwide.
• Safety Surveillance Auditing of the contracted Part 133 Aviation Service Provider (A/SP), and on behalf of the Oil & Gas Corporation for both on-shore and downstream operations.


Automated Machine Repair

ABI provides a repair service for electrical and electronic components related to the industrial automation machinery. Our partnerships with machine repair specialists result in reduced costs and access to a huge inventory of replacement parts. We handle the entire repair/replacement process and all associated logistics to ensure best value results.


ABI Logistics

ABI offers seamless global trade and logistics solutions, whether you are shipping from Shanghai to Los Angeles or from Chicago to Toronto. ABI is your single source for International Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding, customs brokerage, purchase order management and a wide variety of distribution options. By air, ocean or land – ABI is your connection to international freight forwarding and multi-modal distribution solutions.